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Trim Trail

of Down Hall

Here at Down Hall Hotel, Spa & Estate, we boast our very on Trim Trail hidden throughout our woodland.

By integrating a Trim Trail into our woodland we provide an opportunity for guests to connect with nature while being physically active; adding an element of adventure and exploration to the hotel grounds.

Our Trim Trail will take you through the woodland where you will find x (how many bits of equipment) varying and challenging obstacles along your way, from balance beams to monkey bars. Suitable for adults and children alike it is a fantastic way to explore the grounds around the Hotel whilst raising your heart rate. 

We recognise in today’s technology-led world the importance of getting out and about, the addition of the Trim Trail offers a refreshing alternative to traditional indoor fitness facilities and provides an opportunity to enjoy the natural environment.
Down Hall's Trim Trail is a fantastic addition that combines physical activity, fun, and the beauty of the outdoors.